Spring Break Has Arrived in Florida

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Photo: Kelly Dean

Spring Break Has Arrived in Florida

By Kelly Dean

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Mid-March to around Easter is when young adults the world over flock to the Sunshine State for, well, some sunshine, and perhaps a little mild debauchery.

Most of the time, it’s just an opportunity to kick back and enjoy the beach, perhaps some NCAA basketball, St. Patrick’s Day and any other reason one can conceive to party away the stress of school and the winter blahs.

Here are a few shots from Fort Myers Beach from this weekend. It seemed everything was well-behaved and in the spirit of fun.

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Fun Helps the Future

So long as we continue to protect our beaches from ill-directed water flows and the resulting algae and other negative effects, these young people will continue to visit Florida for years to come. And bring their kids in a few years — then send their kids here on spring break — and on it goes. Maybe they’ll visit the Everglades too.

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