To Kill a Blue Jay – Symbolism in Harper Lee’s Masterwork

“I think this distinction between the two birds is the symbolism Harper was trying to express. Mockingbirds are naturally more sympathetic in the context of Lee’s prose.”


Drones and Wildlife

“Certainly there’s a common sense gut-check line we should use when it comes to animals we need to observe — not pursue – whatever the reason might be.”

If I Were a Kite

“In the wind, the kite was lean-looking — colored paper stretched tightly over a cross-shaped frame, like flesh stretched over a skinny man’s ribs.”

The Wet Season

Would any brave literary sea captain possessed by the ocean change course because of a foretold storm? Perhaps they consider, but they seldom do. The legendary ones never flee, whether nobly or tragically. That wouldn’t be brave — or poetic.