The Best Way to Die

I’m all alone just floating there, I pray it never ceases
As rain increases, water dons my face in sheets and creases
But in the spaces in-between the raindrops leave me air
Like spaces in my life between the joys, the loss, despairs


Is wisdom lost when unknown fear is used as one’s defense?

As oozing pointless venom out for spite makes little sense

Oh no, I’d rather huddle close and never live in fear

And never hide from those I hope might someday hold me dear


Or lizards wait behind a fence for butterflies less young

Who’ve made life’s tragic error’s turn to meet with judgment’s tongue

If older, that dire turn could bring them to a farmer’s spray,

“They all are inconvenient! Sure, we’re mad! They’re in the way!”

A Seagull Sentinel

“And as his graying body slowly sunk to ocean depths

His lover bird sat on the dock in wait in quiet breaths

She will not stray; she will not leave; she’ll never go away

She’ll ever wait and ever circle ‘til her final day”

The Pellycan

“There just beyond the mangroves, just beyond the human traps

Where sunset ripples streak the glassy tops in salty laps

Where winds rush headily with kelpish smells aloft in air

And then one random breeze — a briny spray on feather hair”

My Weight at the Bay Today

“There is a weight. There is always a weight. And the weight is always negative and feels heavy, yet it is actually lighter than air. This weight is weird. It steals the wind from a person’s heart. Everyone has this weight to some degree. And my weight is particularly heavy today.”

Jambalaya — Servi dans la Style de Gumbo (Served Gumbo Style)

“So my jambalaya recipe is designed to be faster to make than traditional jambalaya. If it’s quicker without appreciably affecting taste, I’m all for it. It’s also a hybrid – served gumbo style — and it’s Creole inspired. But like all Creole cooking, it has lots of ingredients and options due to garden availability and a myriad immigrant influences. Hopefully, I’ve listed enough of these options to feel good about making it…”.