Bald Eagles Hatching in Ft. Myers

captureBald Eagles Hatching in Ft. Myers

By Kelly Dean

There are quite a few birds of prey in Florida. But none like the bald eagle.

Now, two eggs are hatching in the Sunshine State and the nation is watching. According to the live-stream web camera’s site, this particular nest has been monitored since 2012 and has already produced offspring in Fort Myers.

The lucky parents, female Harriet and male M15, will have two new hatchlings and you can watch their progress live.

Florida has a higher bald eagle concentration than any other state. Bald eagles return to their nesting areas in the fall and generally produce two or three eggs. Both parents will tend to the young for several months until it’s time for the newbies to go find a job in the spring.

You can view the live webcam here:


You can also get more information about Florida Eagles here.

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