Littering is for Crass-Souls: Part 2 – One Solution

IMG_2167 (Custom)

Earth Day Trash Bash, Cape Coral, Photo: Kelly Dean

Littering is for Crass-Souls: Part 2 – One Solution

By Kelly Dean

If you read my blog, you might remember I wrote an article about a problem facing my local area: littering and dumping, called Littering is for Crass-Souls: Part 1 – The Problem. I was kind of angry; when it’s in your own neighborhood, it’s the most evident and the most unnerving.

I’m only human.

Nevertheless, I don’t want to leave the subject without pointing out positive things Florida communities do to help solve the problem, including mine. We will likely be unable to stop littering entirely, but behavior modification best starts at a grass-roots level – an emotional level.

Trash Bash 1 (Custom)

Maija picking up trash, Photo: Kelly Dean

I travel all over Florida and change really works best from the bottom up. The casual polluter, given an emotional reason to change, might do so. And witnessing others pickup other’s trash might induce that emotional response.

IMG_2168 (Custom)

Photo: Kelly Dean

In my local neighborhood, in honor of Earth Day, we have an annual Northwest Neighborhood Association “Trash Bash” pickup day in Cape Coral. A local city councilman, Rick Williams, brought this event to my attention and I am grateful. Starting at 8:30 a.m. at the neighborhood boat dock in Burnt Store we meet, grab some garbage bags, some gloves and pick up neighborhood trash.

IMG_2158 (Custom)

Photo: Kelly Dean

Large dumpsters are provided to dump the bags when finished around noontime. We then get together for pizza. As I often carry a bag with me to pick up trash when I take a walk in the neighborhood, I can attest this isn’t an over-the-top means of pitching in.

IMG_2169 (Custom)

John Bashaw, Event Organizer, Photo: Kelly Dean

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