Ten Things I Learned at the Dollar Store – Part 2


Graphic: clker.com

Ten Things I Learned at the Dollar Store – Part 2

By Kelly Dean

I couldn’t stop noting interesting things about the dollar store. So here’s 10 more to add to the list.

  1. There are dollar stores that don’t sell stuff for a dollar — what’s up with that?
  2. If you find a name brand, check the spelling
  3. Anything electronic you can buy for a dollar will likely electrocute you
  4. There is a whole half an isle dedicated to … crackers … another to air fresheners
  5. Almost everything in the dollar store is recyclable – usually before it gets used
  6. Short people are encouraged to shop there because bottom shelf items are no worse than top shelf items
  7. Items that cost 88 cents at the regular store still cost a dollar at the dollar store
  8. Nobody ever buys just one item – and nobody ever buys 50 either
  9. MSG is a brand name
  10. It’s a great place to meet singles

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