13 Things I Learned at the Dollar Store — Part 1


Graphic: clker.com

13 Things I Learned at the Dollar Store — Part 1

By Kelly Dean

The dollar store can be your friend and your enemy. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

  1. They don’t have diet soda for some reason, hum
  2. You can buy 44 items, but you’ll leave with two burn marks on the back of your skull
  3. There are deals you don’t even tell your own spouse about
  4. An employee will chase you down for taking a cart onto the parking lot
  5. Salmon fillets are a bargain, but Cap’n Crunch isn’t
  6. They don’t sell beer by the individual can, yeah, I know
  7. You share a quiet smile and a nod with the other shoppers in mutual understanding
  8. Putting items back at the terminal is downright expected
  9. Getting “cash back” still costs you a freaking dollar
  10. You’re shocked with how many food items other stores could have charged you a dollar for all along
  11. You actually consider buying the “Bobby Vinton Holiday CD” … in March
  12. If you see someone you know, you tell them you’re just buying party favors for the kid’s birthday party
  13. Saying “I love you” to the clerk is a perfectly acceptable way to end the sales transaction
  14. Number 12 is a BOGO … and …
  15. Someone evidently neglected to ring up Number 10


If you frequent the local dollar store, please feel free to comment below.

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