Reflections of Florida

IMG_1183 (Custom)

Photo: Kelly Dean

Reflections of Florida

By Kelly Dean

If everything is perfect, a reflection should be just as accurate as the real thing. Ideally, what we see is an accurate depiction of what is presented.

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Photo: Kelly Dean

But honestly, sometimes the reflection is better, simply because seeing something twice merely doubles the experience, plus the reflection might add something of its own. Not all reflections are better than the real thing, but if they are beautiful, they are doubly so – at least.

DSC_8086 (Custom) (2)

Photo: Kelly Dean

Catching wildlife or the scenic beauty of Florida in tide pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and even the ocean can yield amazing visions of beauty, like a mirror designed to amplify the event so you never forget it, so you never take it for granted. It’s the essence of Claude Monet.

A duck …

IMG_1184 (Custom)

Photo: Kelly Dean

A sky …

IMG_3230 (Custom)

Photo: Kelly Dean

A sunset …


Photo: Copyright 2016 Kelly Dean

A clump of trees …

IMG_1693 (Custom)

Photo: Kelly Dean

A pond …

IMG_1140 B (Custom)

Photo: Kelly Dean

All look better when crystal water reflects their beauty. And so it should be and so it should remain.

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