I Have an Idea

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I Have an Idea

By Kelly Dean

I have an idea.

If it’s a good one, I hope you sort of adopt it as your own. If it’s not a good idea, however, I actually hope you reject it because it’s flawed in some way and I simply missed it. It happens.

But if it’s good; it’s good. If it’s not; it’s not. Let’s keep it simple. It won’t hurt my feelings.

There should be a good reason either way, though. That’s only fair. I hope it isn’t rejected simply because it runs counter to some past outside influence. Things change all the time but our memories never actually do, so that wouldn’t be fair.

If my idea is adopted, I hope it’s because it simply makes sense. No one makes us do it. No one has to make us do it. No laws are needed. Nobody takes a side. It’s as simple as sharing a smile just because it’s better than not doing so. It’s a secret everyone already knows. I hope it’s that simple.

I think it’s a great idea.

Also, politicians can’t steal it as an issue for their own and use it to divide us. They can’t make it part of their “adopt it all — or go away” demagoguery pile. We’ll adopt it so fast and so naturally, they won’t have time. That is, if you like the idea.

Then, if they steal the idea after-the-fact, they will look silly because we’ll have already adopted it without them; we do not need them. We’ll know they stole it because it will sound shallow, like “ice cream is good.”

I only mention this because those politicians who say they want less actually want more, and those who say they want more actually want less. It just depends upon what the “thing” is.

Wait until you hear this idea. It’s coming up.

All good ideas must not hurt the neighbors, right? Otherwise, it would not be a good idea?

I don’t always have good ideas because I’m very busy with life. But I do occasionally. I get really excited about them and ramble on and on. My ideas are not always deep.

By the way, mean people shouldn’t consider this idea because it wouldn’t make sense to them.

We should do this simply because it makes sense and adopt it naturally. And I’ll make a deal. If you have a good idea, I will open my mind and adopt or reject it based upon it making sense or not – nothing else.

Here’s my idea: why don’t we (place any idea here)?

Let me know what you think.

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