Florida’s Most Misspelled Word — According to Google

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Florida’s Most Misspelled Word — According to Google

By Kelly Dean

Google has published each state’s most “Googled” spelling queries. According to the Washington Post, some of the results are quite puzzling. You can read the whole list here.

Florida’s contribution to the list seems somewhat benign – or telling – I can’t tell. The word most people Google for spelling help in Florida is the word “receipt.”

It seems the whole “i” before “e” thing might be in play here. That rule is a pain and doesn’t even work all the time.

Maybe this indicates that Florida folks are overly money conscious. I can visualize one spouse emailing another “make sure you get a receipt,” but wouldn’t this indicate a hint of distrustfulness among Floridians, character-wise?

Florida does not have state income tax and residents love that. But does this indicate people are overly-focused on their tax status, all the time, everyday, ad nauseam?

(OK, I had to Google “ad nauseam.”)

At least “receipt” is not way out there like some other states. The same article says the number one Googled spelling word for Wisconsin is … wait for it … “Wisconsin.”


I had to laugh out loud at that one. I know people from Wisconsin. Boy, I’m going to love using that tidbit on those Green Bay Packer cheezeheads … uh, wait … cheeseheads. Drat!

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