So You Want to Live in a Bigger City?


Tampa, Photo: Christopher Hollis, Public Domain, Wiki Commons

So You Want to Live in a Bigger City?

By Kelly Dean

You like your community a little larger. No small town will work for you. Yet on the other hand, too big isn’t the right fit either. You want the fun, rhythm and excitement that go with living in an urban area. According to, as published by Forbes Online here, Florida has three of the top 10 cities on the list. This is based upon data combined with U.S. census data.

Those three top 10 cities are Miami, Orlando and Tampa. The article goes on to say the big draw is the low unemployment versus the great growth potential. Florida is still recovering from the economic crisis, so there’s plenty of growth potential, as well as other draws you can read about that here as well.

Housing is still relatively cheap in Florida compared to the others on the list. Construction, development and service industries are the main job pipelines. People are visiting here for the weather and attractions, thereby creating service industry jobs as well as hospitality.

People are also moving here; those people need homes, thereby fostering development and housing.

The Cities

Orlando, in upper mid-central Florida, is doing well, as expected. This city offers theme parks for those seeking weekend entertainment. It’s surrounded by freshwater lakes and beautiful landscapes. These entertainment attractions also bring jobs and job seekers. If you are still working, you might as well be in the warm weather too. Orlando isn’t much of a drive to the beaches, but there is water at the lakes as well.

Miami has a heartbeat. You can feel it. It has the energetic Cuban influence, or perhaps it’s the youth. Miami isn’t driven by the older crowd. Miami is driven by its young people. It is culturally diverse and the rich Spanish-speaking culture keeps it feeling very alive. Add to that, Miami is on the coast and has beaches as well – and plenty of other beaches nearby.

Tampa has a lot going for it. It has technical job growth as well, according to this Forbes article. Of course, it has the aforementioned housing and service industry jobs going for it. The beaches are often ranked among other top 10 lists. They have the Gulf Coast charm, being the city on the western coast of Florida.

As more people move into Florida, the more jobs and housing are needed to take care of those people. This keeps the cycle going. Not only are average home prices in the $250,000 range and growth potential well above the national average, it’s also one of the most affordable.

Florida has created schooling opportunities to grow the tech industry. Florida needs millennials who want to learn and then work here as well. If you’re young and energetic, Florida has a lot to offer. It’s not just a place to retire.

Better move while you can.

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